Contract Manufacturing

What We Make

Namely, delicious and nutritious snacks! Think of us as a partner that can bring your ideas to fruition through innovative product solutions, iterative development and exceptional customer service, from concept to commercialization.

Here’s just a few of the categories we play in:

  • Nutritional
  • Functional
  • Snack and granola
  • Breakfast and cereal

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Cold-pressed (a.k.a. slab) bars and bites
  • Extruded bars, and bites (including custom shapes)
  • Baked granola, granola clusters
  • Fully enrobed, bottom coated, top drizzled bars (Chocolate, compound, nut butters, shavings, sprinkles, chips, and more)
  • Fruit, nut & seed snack balls

Our Packaging Solutions

We’ve invested in high-capacity and custom-engineered production and packaging machinery, resulting in minimal production downtime, a variety of design options and an ability to scale with your volume.

Here is the variety of formats we offer:

  • Individually wrapped minis and full-size bars
  • Retail-ready cartons and trays
  • Single-serve cartons
  • Multi and family packs
  • Club packs and trays
  • Resealable gusset bags

Our R&D Expertise

Our in-house food scientist and development team is ready to collaborate to help you realize your taste vision, whether it requires reverse engineering, custom creation, or a hybrid approach to pull off the right taste and texture attributes. We can even work toward achieving specific claims, nutritional facts, and/or ingredient inclusion.

Always dreamt of producing a line of chocolate-covered coconut squares with banana chips and salted caramel sprinkles? We’ll see what we can do!

Our Promise

Recognizing the special connection between the food we eat, your well-being, and the planet, we work tirelessly to uphold our globally recognized levels of quality assurance and food safety.

For the past decade, we’ve operated with a prestigious BRC (Grade AA+) Certification, demonstrating our diligence and reliability in producing and packaging quality food products safely and with integrity, by the strictest international standards in the industry.

Our Private Label Certifications

Each year, we go through rigorous certification audits to maintain the number of credentials we are proud to show on your packaging. We do this to ensure our customers and your consumers know we are going above and beyond to meet their expectations of health, quality and safety.

Vegan Symbol Vegan
Organic Symbol Organic
Non-GMO Symbol Non-GMO
Gluten Free Symbol Gluten Free
Kosher Symbol Kosher